Now after the UN COP15 has ended there is one conclusion that I can draw from it.

Capitalism won once again - big time.

The overall culprit for inequality and poverty in the developing countries - Capitalism - still rules the planet.

Co2-quotas which 70 percent of the industry in the EU will receive free Co2-quotas can be traded freely among the industry to add money to their balance sheets. One thing that many people do not know is that Al Gore has set up an investment company in London trading in Co2-quotas and is guaranteed to earn millions of dollars. He should change his name to Al Score !

The climate debt

100 billion dollars is proposed to be setup for the benefit of aiding the developing countries to environmentally friendly energy. But I do not believe in it.

The Gleneagles G8 meeting in 2005 also promised billions in cancellation of debt for the developing countries but has not delivered anything near the promised money. Read more on about 31st G8 summit

I have no trust in the major economic players of the world being able to gather the 100 billions dollars per year by 2020.

Instead lifting of the trade barriers between the north and south of the earth is a more effective way of both introducing wealth and therefore stopping economic refugees.

Flemming Leer Jakobsen